Now Offering Commercial Appliance Repair

Dayton Appliance Repair Service Specializing in Commercial Repair

Dynamic Dayton Appliance Repair is considered to be the most reliable appliance repair service in Dayton, Ohio since opening in 2007. Homeowners in Dayton call on the company for professional refrigerator and freezer repair, dishwasher repair, stove repair, dryer repair and washing machine repair and now businesses can too. Dynamic has announced that beginning in July, their technicians will be completing commercial appliance repair for local restaurants, hotels, office buildings and other commercial buildings in their territory. The addition of commercial appliance repair to their current service offerings is one of the core strategies in the company’s ambitions to add an extra three technicians and vans in 2019 and also increase their service area within Montgomery County.

Same-Day Service and Customer Support

The team at Dynamic Dayton Appliance Repair is able to deliver “same-day” service for homes within 12 miles of their repair shop and a 100% satisfaction guarantee and warranty. The owners invest in ongoing education and training programs for their repairmen to ensure each one is able to fix the most recent models and latest technology. This is becoming more important with the advancement of smart technology within GE appliances and household brands and continued integration with mobile devices. You will also see Dynamic Dayton Appliance Repair participating in a handful of local charities and sponsorship opportunities as a staple of the local community.

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